What does it mean for a product to be "Made from Hemp"?

Hemp is a wonderful solution for many products. Discover the many uses of hemp!

There are of many types of Hemp that can be grown and then processed and used to create hemp products, and the quality can vary depending on the hemp source and end product desired.

How is Hemp made into a usable product?

Hemp has thousands of uses, and can be made into hundreds of products that we can utilize every day.

Hemp is grown and ready for processing within a few months. The hemp can be harvested for its fiber or its seeds, depending on what the end result will be.

The soft outer fibers can be removed and used for textiles and clothing, while the sturdier inner fibers can be made into building materials and animal bedding.

Hemp fiber is among the strongest natural fibers in the world, and the plant can produce larger yields than traditional forests due to how quickly the plant fully matures.

These strong fibers are especially useful in building materials, specifically hempcrete, which is easier to work with than other types of concrete and works well to insulate and regulate moisture.

The entire hemp plant can be grown to contain high amounts of CBD while staying very low in THC. These plants can then undergo extraction methods to acquire their oil and be made into CBD-rich Hemp Extract products.

The seeds of the plant can be used raw for nutritional purposes, or can have their oil extracted to be used in cosmetics, paints and cooking.

Hemp seeds, or hemp hearts, can also be used to create fatty acid rich foods, including hemp milk.

New hemp products are continually being discovered, due to its many applications and beneficial complexes.

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We encourage to buy hemp products and support the hemp movement whenever possible.

What are some popular Hemp products?

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