Joy Organics Review

Compassion, integrity, and excellence. These are the values that Joy Organics live by, all while bringing joy to their communities and customers.

Joy Organics

The company was founded on the simple problem that Joy Smith, co-founder of Joy Organics, couldn’t find something that helped her pain and sleeping problems. Her son suggested looking into CBD, just from looking for a solution came forth a brand new high-quality CBD company. Joy Smith loves doing what she was named after, bringing joy to all those around her. Her company hosts a “Joy Day” on her birthday every year to give back to communities both locally and around the world.

The Review

The packaging is sleek and minimalistic, giving it a high-end spa feel. Once opened, a small bottle that holds 30 separate softgels is inside. The color-coordinated packaging follows to the bottle, using the white and blue tranquil color scheme. Overall this is a bottle that I would happily place on my shelf!

Nevertheless, our team here at Hemp Helps was thrilled when we received our premium softgels to try. I, Hemp Helps’ Intern, was given the task to try out this product for a week. It is worth noting that I am on quite a bit of medication that I have to take every morning. I consulted with my doctor first to make sure it was okay to take these softgels with my daily meds, which I recommend you do before you decide to introduce any CBD to your daily routine.

The first thing I noticed is how easy it was for me to swallow these softgels. It took me 19 years of my life to figure out how to swallow a pill, and I still struggle to this day; however, I was easily able to swallow these. This is important to me since I feel like most CBD daily supplements are often large and difficult for me to swallow. It’s a huge bummer whenever I want to try new CBD products but I can’t merely from the size of the supplement.

After a week of taking these softgels I noticed two improvements in my life. The first one was my focus. I felt as if my focus was more lasered in, and I was able to work for more extended periods of time without distraction. This not only helped me with my work projects but also my home life has improved since I was able to knock out more tasks. It was definitely a noticeable improvement.

The second thing I noticed was my appetite balancing out. I am currently on medication that supresses my appetiate and even makes it difficult for me to eat when I try. I had lost a considerable amount of weight when I got on these meds, and my doctor was trying to figure out how I could even out my appetite without introducing more meds. This seemed to do the trick since I was able to make myself eat at least once a day the past week! I am not claiming that these softgels will make you eat more; it is simply what I noticed while taking them. It definitely was an improvement for me.

In conclusion, if you are looking for quality ingredients in your CBD products that have a luxurious feel, then Joy Organics is the brand for you. The quality of their products back up their mission statement and values.

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