Why Hemp Seed Oil?

In my 40’s I started looking for natural organic ways to hydrate my skin, reduce inflammation, stimulate weight loss, lower my risk of heart disease and help with vaginal atrophy from menopause. The list goes on and on. The problem I found when researching for a solution was that everything over-the-counter was pumped full of so many chemicals and ingredients I had no clue what it contained or what it would do to my body long term.

I heard positive comments about coconut oil used to moisturize skin and even for use as a sex lubricant. And you can cook with it!  I learned that coconut oil is a great alternative for butter, and has a great source of healthy fats.  It sounded promising, but I was looking for more.  I wanted to find a natural “cure all” for everything I am facing environmentally, biologically and to counteract my own not so healthy choices I make once or twice in a year (or a week) which can add up:  Not wearing sunscreen, not eating the right kind of foods that give me the nutrients and antioxidants that I need, skipping my exercise for a few days, or not moisturizing every day.

During this research period, I received a call from Mary Jane Haake (a wonderful tattoo artist and friend) with a job offer.  She said she was starting a new company called Hip Hemp, and would I be interested in helping launch and run this business?  I had no idea what this Hip Hemp company was all about, but I thought why not?  I soon learned what amazing things Hemp Seed Oil could do for me and I was hooked.

Hip Hemp, LLC designed In the Pink products with intimate health in mind.  The moisture perles can be used for women who suffer from vaginal atrophy caused by different medical situations such as menopause, breast cancer or age. Inserted into the vagina at night, the combination of Hemp Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Vitamin E restore the vaginal tissue to a time before age and illness took their toll. A healthy vagina also prevents secondary problems such as urinary tract infections.

Our intimate massage oils were designed as personal lubricants and moisturizers.  We have found that our clients love the mixture of Hemp Seed Oil, and in combination with Avocado Oil and Grapeseed Oil. These oils moisturize dry skin, relieve arthritis, reduce lymphedema, fade age spots, in addition to being an intimate massage oil.

How do our oils achieve this?  Each of our products start with Hemp Seed Oil as the base.  Hemp Seed Oil offers omega 3, omega 6, insoluble fiber, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and has Vitamin E antioxidants.  These seeds are full of minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus.  The oil also can counteract aging skin, improve cardiovascular health, slow down the aging process and fight psoriasis.

Each one of our intimate massage oils has essential oils in them which offer a variety of benefits.  The three blends we offer include Serene, Unwind, and Uplift.  All have a base of Hemp Seed Oil, with the addition of Avocado Oil, or Grapeseed Oil.

Serene offers pain and stress relief with its specific blend of Hemp Seed Oil, bergamot, ylang ylang and sandalwood

Unwind soothes dehydrated and tired skin with its blend of Hemp Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, bergamot, frankincense, and sandalwood.

Uplift can help turn back the clock on fine lines and wrinkles with its mixture of Hemp Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, frankincense, bergamot, and sweet orange.

Hemp Seed Oil is truly a miracle when it comes to wanting a healthy body and mind.  The blends that In the Pink offers will give you the boost you deserve to turn back the clock and regain healthy vaginal tissue and skin.


In the Pink products DO NOT CONTAIN any of the following;

fillers, estrogen, soy, peanuts, gluten, milk, or milk byproducts.

Written by: Angela Duncan, M.S. & Mary Jane Haake, CPCP

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