The Rebirth of Cannabis

Nowadays, people aren’t coming home to their glasses of wine or bottles of beer after a long day of work. Instead, people are coming home to their packed pipes and bongs to unwind after a stressful day.

Ever since recreational Cannabis was legalized in Colorado in 2012, there has been a huge spark in the amount of people consuming Cannabis. In 2013, only “7% of Americans admitted to consuming cannabis regularly via pipes, bongs, rolling papers, and probably a few apples,” stated Julie Godard of Massroots. As Cannabis slowly makes its way to the forefront, the number of people consuming Cannabis is now almost double what it was in 2013. Julie also informs that “the United States’ most trusted pollster has confirmed that over 33 million Americans currently consume cannabis.” That is a staggering number!

Not only are there more people consuming Cannabis, but the stigmas that were created from banning this miracle plant are slowly being lifted—unveiling the true medical benefits of Cannabis. More people are beginning to recognize Cannabis for its medical benefits. Cannabis helps relieve stress, anxiety, and inflammation within the body. No wonder people are ripping their pipes and bongs after a strenuous day of work.

Instead of waiting for the DEA to reschedule the drug, millions of Americans are taking matters into their own hands and taking the necessary steps to maintain their health and ease their pain.

Today, people are more comfortable coming out of their shells to confess their love and support for Cannabis. They no longer feel like they have to hide who they are or what they enjoy. After all, that is what this country was built on, right?

Spread the movement and be proud of your Cannabis consumption! It saves thousands of lives, whether it is legal, or illegal. Share the truth so more people can become aware of the medical benefits of Cannabis!

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