The Productive Stoner

Being associated with the word “stoner” is both a blessing and a curse. Many people in today’s society think that “stoners” are lazy couch potatoes watching the world pass them by. Stoners are often perceived as unproductive citizens not doing anything to benefit the world. Well honey, do we got a news flash for you!

Surprise, surprise! Not everyone who smokes cannabis is a do-nothing loafer spending their time on the couch getting brainwashed by the TV.  Thousands (if not millions) of cannabis users spend their time doing productive things to build a foundation for their future. Just because we like to take a few tokes to relieve some stress does not mean we are zombies walking around brainwashed. Hmmmm…sounds like some other form of drug millions of Americans take, but that’s another blog topic 😉

When stoners come home from a long day of work and take the first hit from their pipe it creates immediate relief. There is an overwhelming sense of relaxation and calmness. It’s almost as if the entire day has been wiped clean from its stresses and anxieties. The mind and body can finally break out of the 9am-5pm work mentality and really enjoy the present moment of being at home in a tranquil environment. Cannabis allows us to really enjoy the fullness of life. Yes, we sit down and take a load off our feet, but guess what? You bet your ass we are going to start a load of laundry or pick up the house, start making a meal, work on a school assignment, or hell, even get the kids ready for bed. Sure, we might even sit down and write in journals about what happened throughout the day, or we may hit up the gym and get an awesome workout in (while being stoned and extremely focused).

The point here is that not all cannabis users are lazy, sluggish, or lethargic. There are cannabis users who are not as productive as they can be, but to put us all in the same category is being unfair and extremely closed minded.

There are thousands, millions of intelligent professionals who come home to unwind from work with a freshly packed bowl. Whether we smoke before work, or after, one thing is for sure. We are being productive, creative, energetic, imaginative human beings– or citizens if you wish to get technical.

It’s time to break the taboo of our fellow stoners.

We are the productive stoners breaking the stigma of the couch potato, chip eating, mind washing tv bingers. We are the productive stoners who are unveiling the harsh truths of the world and spreading our love and light to make this world a better place to live in for now, and the future.

Share knowledge and spread the truth!

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