The Hemp Industry’s Potential to Create Thousands of Jobs

As our society continues to ride the never ending roller coaster of gaining and losing jobs, there is one industry on that rise that has potential to skyrocket the work force. The Hemp industry can reshape and rebuild our economy. Thousands of jobs can be created through farming Hemp and producing sustainable products.

Hemp can be processed into thousands of everyday products such as paper, plastic, textiles, and building materials. This would bring new jobs to the farming, engineering, factory, research, construction, transportation, and retail sectors. This agricultural plant is extremely versatile even more impressive is its sustainability. For instance, Hemp needs a third of the water that cotton needs. When looking for a new paper source Hemp will produce 2 to 4 times more paper per acre than timber.

Hemp cultivation has the power to give back to our people and Mother Nature. It has the power to create a sustainable life and return our planet back to its natural cycle (or as close to it as it can get). As we climb our way to the top of the roller coaster, it is time to let Hemp’s true potential shine and give people the opportunity to create a sustainable life for themselves and their loved ones!

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