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Hemp has enormous amounts of benefits that range from healing the earth and restoring our economy, to healing ourselves and restoring humanity.

From being a superfood, to aiding in body care products, to creating sustainable textiles, Hemp is used for thousands of purposes all across the globe. Using Hemp to produce goods is the best way to create a sustainable economy and replenish our earth at the same time. As a medicine, it can help people suffering from epilepsy, cancer, or even arthritis.  As our food, it provides almost all of the proteins, amino acids, and minerals we need to live a healthy and sustainable life.

There are several places to find amazing Hemp products. One of our favorite places to find the best quality Hemp products are from BC Hemp Store. BC Hemp Store is located in Langley, British Columbia. Their goal is to provide the best selection of premium quality Hemp products grown and manufactured in Canada. Their products range from hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, hemp protein, hemp supplements, bath and body care, and hemp pet supplies.

Hemp products such as shampoo and conditioner have incredible moisturizing benefits to your hair and to your scalp, meaning there’s less of a chance of dandruff and irritation that can come from dryness. Hemp shampoo and conditioner protects your hair from damage due to the fatty acids and zinc, and also leaves your hair feeling light weight, unlike traditional shampoos that weigh your hair down and typically dry out your hair/scalp. If you need help keeping your hair soft, shiny and healthy, then try SativaCare Natural Premium Hemp Shampoo & Conditioner (with tangerine scent). These products are blended with pure hemp seed oil and a proprietary blend of ingredients that are specially formulated for all hair types!

Another great production from the Hemp plant is Hemp based protein powder. Hemp protein is a great way to obtain the essential vitamins needed to repair muscles and aid in muscle growth. Hemp is a quality source of the amino acids arginine and histidine, which are required for growth, and is a good source of branch-chained amino acids which are needed for repair and growth of lean body tissue.

Natera Hemp Protein is a 100% plant based protein powder derived from raw Canadian hemp seeds. This protein is ideal for power drinks or smoothies and it is a quick and easy way to meet your daily protein and fiber requirements! Natera Hemp Protein contains 15g Protein, 2g Omega 3 and 6, 5g Fiber (per 30g serving). It is also gluten free, dairy free, and soy free, plus no additives or preservatives!

Not only does Hemp provide highly beneficial products for human consumption, but there are also pet friendly Hemp products for your favorite furry friends! Pawsitive FX Happy Paws is an all-natural balm aimed to nourish, heal, and moisturize your dog’s paws. You can soothe and repair painful cracking, dry, and chapped paws, or use daily as a preventative measure for your furry loved ones. Either way, your pet will thank you!

If you are interested in trying Hemp food products, then check out the Hemp Food Starter Pack by Empress Sativa. Empress Sativa Hemp Food Starter Pack includes the following:

  • 3 X 100g Seasoned Hemp Seeds (Dill Pickle, Sweet N’ Cinnamon and Tex Mex)
  • 1 X 227g Natural Hulled Hemp Seeds
  • 1 X 375ml 100% Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil Natural

This starter pack gives you the best of all Hemp goods! If you would like a little taste of all this goodness, then click here to get your own Empress Sativa Starter Pack!

From the bathroom, to the kitchen, to your furry loved ones, Hemp can provide the most essential products to create a healthier lifestyle. By supporting Hemp, you not only help your lifestyle, but you help our planet, and humanity as a whole.

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Check out BC Hemp Store to find the highest quality Hemp products derived from Canadian Hemp! Join the Hemp Movement and become part of the cause! Make Hemp part of your everyday through purchasing Hemp products!

Use code “HempHelps” for 15% off your order!

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