Relive Everyday Re-Assure Hemp Extract Gummy Review

Being disappointed with the quality and pricing of my local CBD shop, I decided to try a reputable hemp extract company online to purchase my next tincture and gummies from. I didn’t want some cbd that comes from powder source via mail order from another country. I wanted something free of pesticides, affordable, tasty, and containing full broad spectrum extract. I personally use hemp extract to relieve pain in my slipped disc in my back, reduce stress and anxiety, and relax after workouts.

I settled upon Relive Everyday after a referral from a friend of mine. He mentioned how they have a Colorado source for their hemp and everything is fully tested. Intrigued, I checked out their website and found that indeed they are using U.S. based hemp, and they do provide their COAs (Certificates of Analysis – the standard in tracking of third party testing of hemp/cannabis extract) I was also delighted to find that they had Lime flavor hemp CBD gummies, dosed at a fair 10mg per gummy. To give you an idea of how much I like Lime flavor, I ate 2 my first day, but 4 each day since then. I find myself grabbing them as a quick sweet snack that isn’t going to destroy my waistline 🙂 When I eat 2-4 per day, I find that my energy is actually much more even throughout the day, less aches and pains, and more clarity of mind.

I’ve tried many similar types of hemp cbd gummies, and I am very impressed with the Relive Everyday line. Looking forward to trying their other product lines.

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