Potential Medical Compounds of Cannabis

With nearly half of the U.S states legalizing medical Cannabis in one form or another, more and more people are turning to it for help. Cannabis is made up of nearly 85 active cannabinoids that have different effects on the body. For this reason, it is believed that Cannabis is an extremely versatile form of medication, such as helping people with depression, to helping people with lower back problems. Here are some of the main potential medical compounds found in Cannabis:

  • THC – Suppresses muscle spasms, relieves pain & nausea, and stimulates appetite
  • CBC – Reduces anxiety, and reduces pain
  • THC Acid – Anti inflammatory
  • CBG – Stimulates bone & brain cell growth
  • CBN – Mild sedative & sleep aid
  • CBD Acid – Anti inflammatory
  • CBD – Reduces seizures
  • THC V – Regulates blood sugar

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