Trees for the Future

We’re happy to say we’ve partnered with Trees for the Future to help fight deforestation and hunger around the world! Through their programs, Trees for the Future has planted over 100 million trees in Asia, Latin America, and Africa and provided communities with new sources of industry and food!

Trees for the Future helps farmers around the world with agroforestry training– teaching them how to use forest gardens to build more sustainable futures. Their work is essential in restoring degraded soil, as well as bringing back tree cover to upland areas, reducing the likelihood of flooding and mudslides. The skills these  farmers learn often bleed out into the surrounding area, organically expanding Trees for the Future’s impact. Providing communities with these essential resources will allow the people to live self sustainably.

So, what does this have to do with Hemp?  Well, it’s simple. Many products that we produce from timber can be replaced with Hemp.  This super plant can be processed into sustainable, durable copy paper, boxes, books, & fiber boards. So, let’s continue to plant trees instead of cutting down forests, and let’s grow fields of Hemp like never before!!

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