Mothers on a Cannabis Mission

It is often looked down upon for mothers to consume cannabis and be “stoned” around their children, or for that matter be stoned while pregnant.  Mothers are often held up to this higher standard and somewhat ridiculous notion that touching the “devil’s lettuce” is unacceptable for a mother to even consider. The stigmas that are unfortunately tied to motherhood and cannabis are biased, and unfair. What doctor is to say that consuming a little cannabis, a natural medicine, is more harmful than any other prescribed medication that has harmful, and sometimes dangerous, side effects? Cannabis helps relieve pain, nausea, inflammation, and many other symptoms that come along with pregnancy. Cannabis also helps with depression, anxiety, blood pressure, blood circulation, and post-traumatic stress, feelings and symptoms that often occur during or after pregnancy.

It is a well- known fact that cannabis is a natural medicine that truly works. Why are mothers still excluded from this healing plant and forced to suffer or hide in silence? These stigmas are outdated, corrupt, and unjust to the mothers of our world.

One organization that is fighting to get rid of the stigmas surrounding cannabis and motherhood is a non-profit organization called CannaMommy. CannaMommy advocates for the safe use and access of cannabis for mother’s worldwide. Their mission is to provide a safe resource for mothers and families to learn about the cannabinoid system and how it interacts within the body. Another influential organization that supports this idea is Wattney Kay, a company that creates handcrafted Hemp bracelets. These two influential companies have collaborated to help share the word about mothers and cannabis.

Together, they have created CannaMommy Hemp bracelets.  For every CannaMommy Hemp bracelet sold, Wattney Kay will donate 20% to CannaMommy, but first, they need your help.

CannaMommy needs mothers who use cannabis to share their stories and break the taboos that surround cannabis and motherhood. They are asking for mothers who use cannabis to submit their stories for a chance to be featured and have 1 of 5 Hemp bracelets named after them! The winner’s will be announced on Mother’s Day, along with showcasing the design of the bracelets.

Click here to share your story for a chance to have one of 5 Hemp bracelets named after you!

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