Marijuana: The Devil’s Lettuce

Many of us have been in situations when cannabis was referred to as weed, pot, reefer, or whatever you may call it. No big deal, right? However, many of us have been in situations when cannabis was referred to as “marijuana” or the “devil’s lettuce”. Now, I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear someone refer to cannabis to either of these terms, something inside me is triggered. Where did the terms “marijuana” and “devil’s lettuce” come from? And when did these two terms begin staining cannabis with such a bad rep?

Since the 1800s, Cannabis was commonly used as a natural medicine and for sustainable industrial purposes, mostly for paper and textiles. Cannabis greatly benefited the well being of our economy, our society, and our planet. Today, despite the bad rep, cannabis continues to perform miraculous wonders for people who are ill or need relief from pain—the possibilities are endless. So, why is there this idea that cannabis is still considered the “devil’s lettuce” or “marijuana” of our society?

It all started back in the day when America was steaming full force ahead in the industrial period. In the early 1900s, George Schlichten introduced the Hemp Decorticator. This invention was going to revolutionize the Hemp industry, making it much easier to process the hefty and durable Hemp plant. Soon after, negative propaganda skyrocketed about the cannabis plant. W.R Hearst fabricated stories in his newspapers about this new drug called “marihuana,” which was causing blacks and Mexicans to rape and kill white women. This sort of propaganda spread like wild fire, and of course—the American people believed it. Prior to W. R. Hearst’s articles, “marijuana” was never used as slang for cannabis—Hearst intentionally did this to demonize this plant with a new name. This led to a propaganda movie in 1936 called “Reefer Madness,” portraying cannabis as the most dangerous drug in the world. It was through this propaganda film that led to the idea that associating yourself with cannabis will damn you straight to hell. Dear God, don’t associate yourselves with this devilish plant or else you will go to hell! Classic, America. Classic.

Ever since this time, people have been struggling to unveil the truths about cannabis and all of this plants potential. Although it is extremely difficult to break the taboos and bad reputations that have been engraved in the American populations brains, it is now the time to undo the brainwashing that has occurred from the past decade.

Cannabis should be a respected plant because of all the benefits it can give to us as humanity and our planet. It deserves the opportunity to reveal every aspect of its wonders, rather than be stained with the idea that it is the “devil’s lettuce” or that you will murder/rape people after consuming. The potential of the cannabis plant has been hindered ever since this propaganda leaked into the American people’s brains. We need your help now more than ever!!

Join the movement and help spread awareness about cannabis! We need your help to shine light on this amazing plant!

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