Make Hemp Part of Your Everyday with Hemp Clothing

What if there was a plant that was three to eight times stronger than cotton, uses 1/3 of the water that cotton needs, and uses much less chemicals, or many times none at all?? A plant that can be processed into a cloth that is softer, more durable, UV protect-ant, and moisture absorbent? Well, there is a plant that can do all those things and more—the almighty Hemp plant!

With the negative environmental effect, cotton has had on our planet, Hemp clothing is a great way to bring this plant into your everyday life.

Hemp Blue is an apparel brand that represents a conscious, decision-driven lifestyle and stands for responsible consumption and sustainable resources. They strive to provide better options that won’t compromise the environment or future generations. These better choices, however, don’t need to sacrifice the quality, fit, or style of premium denim.

Check out their awesome Hemp jeans!

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