Jungmaven: Going Against the Grain

For past decades, Hemp was most commonly used to create many versatile products such as ropes, rugs, bags, and maps. Today, due to the increasing awareness of Hemp, there are several companies that are turning this sustainable and durable crop into comfortable and soft clothes for everyday use. One company that is going against the grain in the retail world is called Jungmaven.

Jungmaven is a Hemp apparel line that makes their clothing products out of sustainable Hemp. I know what some of you may be thinking: How can this durable crop be turned into soft and comfortable clothes? Well, the answer is simple. Just like cotton, Hemp has the ability to be processed into smooth and soft material. Jungmaven describes their clothing, stating “the yarn is dense, which helps it drape and shape to your body. Hemp gives the clothing depth and texture and feels like raw silk.” Not only is the fabric soft and silky, but the fabric is also UV protectant, breathable, and quick to dry. This would make for great everyday wear, whether you are going for a stroll in the park, or climbing to the top of a mountain.

Not only does Hemp clothing feel comfortable to wear, but it also is safer for the environment. Cultivating Hemp cleans the air, water, and nourishes the land. Hemp also mitigates climate change due to its natural ability to cleanse the soil. Hemp needs less water than similar crops like cotton, rice and wheat. Hemp also requires no pesticides– calling for a healthier way of living and manufacturing goods.

Jungmaven’s mission is to have everyone in a Hemp tee by 2020 to help support the industrialization of Hemp and to create a healthier planet for better living. Jungmaven offers products that range from shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, dresses, bedding and linens, all the way to towels.

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