It’s a Bird? It’s a Plane? Wait.. It’s Hemp!

CEO of HempEarth, Derek Kesek, is breaking the aviation barrier while making his dreams come true of creating a more sustainable way of living. Last year Derek Kesek, a Cannabis activist, decided it would be a good idea to build the first aircraft ever made out of pure, sustainable Hemp. Derek and his team are currently constructing this almighty Hemp plane with the help of Velocity Inc., a Florida-based plane manufacturer. Derek and his team are based in Ontario, Canada, where Hemp is totally legal to grow and manufacture. Derek starting constructing and putting his plan into action about a year ago in 2015 and is still grinding to get this product in the air.

The aircraft itself is made out of 75% Hemp products including its wings, seats, pillows and outer shell. The four-seater jet will be the color of natural hemp fiber, with a wingspan of 36 feet. The plan will have a cruising speed of 310 mph running on… guess what?!—Hemp bio fuel! Using Hemp biofuel to power this machine truly is the cherry on top because Hemp biofuel is super beneficial to the overall environment. Hemp ethanol emits less carbon monoxide and eliminates emissions of sulfur. This calls for a more eco-friendly way of flying and for a greener environment.

When the plane is completed and tested in the nearby future, it will make its debut flight at the Wright Brothers National Memorial in North Carolina. Not only will they be taking passengers on short trips in the Hemp fuel powered aircraft, but Derek hopes that this Hemp fueled aircraft will break away from the traditional way of flying and turn people to a greener source of aviation! The company is currently still funding this project and is looking to get the plane in the air around sometime soon within the next year.

We love what you are doing at Hempearth Derek! Keep up the awesome work. We look forward to watching you grow and creating Hemp-based products to create a greener way of living.

To read more about what Derek Kesek has to say, click here.

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