“I tried it, and I have never looked back”

Cheryl Savill, a former breast cancer patient from Zimbabwe, proudly states that once she tried cannabis oil to help alleviate her pain, swelling, and nausea from chemotherapy, that she never looked back! It all started when Cheryl was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago. Cheryl was not only dealing with the hardships of chemotherapy, but she was also suffering from excruciating migraines. During that time, Cheryl was also dealing with pain in her upper arm and shoulder which she broke from falling.

Of course, Cheryl was prescribed multiple pain relievers by her doctor to help take away her pain and ease the healing process; however, that was not the case. The pills she was prescribed were not helping in the slightest bit. Cheryl stated that she was prescribed “too many drugs to mention, mostly to control pain.” Once Cheryl became desperate and in dire need of something to truly heal and lessen her pain, she turned to cannabis oil. It wasn’t long after Cheryl tried cannabis oil that she noticed, and felt, vast improvements. Cheryl stated that she experiences no more “after effects” that she would endure from the pharmaceutical drugs. She has “no more dizzy spells, no more headaches,” and when she does get the occasional headache, she treats it with cannabis oil for “immediate results”. She has no more pain of any description and she sleeps very well at night. Not only does Cheryl explain the internal physical benefits of cannabis oil, but she also has been using it as a moisturizer for her face, which she says does wonders for her skin!

Cheryl went further in detail in describing her experience of using cannabis oil. She has never been “high”, which is a great misconception of cannabis oil. Rather, she has just been very relaxed. Cheryl is a firm believer that a “relaxed body” has more chance of healing itself than one under stress or in pain (and we couldn’t agree more!). Cheryl stated, “I am a Granny to two grandchildren, and never in a million years would have tried cannabis oil, as I am very against drugs.” However, in desperation, she tried it and has never looked back! Not only does Cheryl sleep really well and is overall more relaxed, but her skin has improved and gone back to where it was prior to chemo treatment!

Cheryl went on to say, “I am not yet sure that cannabis is a cure for cancer, but I do believe it helps the healing process and certainly makes chemo a lot easier. I am so convinced of the healing powers of cannabis oil.” Cheryl’s life has been changed for the better, thanks to cannabis oil. She can now live a healthy and relaxed life while being able to play with her grandchildren pain free. She is also spreading the word around about the great benefits of cannabis oil, in hopes that people and governments will soon take the ban off of such an incredible medicine.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Cheryl. We love when people are willing to share their experiences with cannabis oil to help spread knowledge about the true benefits and life changing abilities of cannabis oil.

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