Hmongstudios: 100% Organic Hemp

David Shaya is the founder of a unique and eco-friendly company discovered in the majestic mountains of Sa Pa, Vietnam. David and his partner, Thang, recently launched a small startup company called Hmongstudios. While David was on a tour through the valleys of Vietnam, he came across these beautiful pieces of hand crafted artwork. He was immediately mesmerized by the beautiful handcrafted bags that he decided to partner up with his local tour guide, who just so happened to be Thang, and together, they created this flourishing company.

Hmongstudios creates and sells handmade Hemp cross body and weekender bags, which are made by an ethnic minority group in northern Vietnam called the Black Hmong, hence the name of the company—Hmongstudios.

Their bags are made from 100% organic Hemp, which is grown by the Hmong people on their mountain farms in Sa Pa, Vietnam.

Hmongstudios uses a unique dyeing process where they use honey or wax to draw onto the fabric of the Hemp-based bags. After that, they place the bags into huge indigo vats to create their patterns. The site is pretty remarkable.

David also makes an effort to improve the lives of the Hmong people through their profits. About 40% of their profits go to the Hmong people (compared to the industry standard of 0.5-4%). Davis says, “My company has a strong mission to help improve the lives of these people, and I would love for you to also be a part of it.” “Hmongstudios aims to create a business that values handicraft, treasures natural materials, and empowers Hmong artisans through a fair, international.

Every purchase you make really counts. One of the best ways to support the Hemp Movement is through purchasing Hemp products. These illuminating, handcrafted Hemp bags are the perfect way to help spread the movement and support the lives of the Hmong people.

Check out our favorite handcrafted Hemp bags here and to purchase your own:

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