Hemptopia Lip Balm: Extraordinary Lip Care with Hemp

Whether it is Summer or Winter, I have made it a part of my skincare ritual to take care of my kisser. I have had dry lips as long as I can recall. So, lip care is important to me in order to keep my lips soft and smooth.

I received Hemptopia’s All Natural Beeswax and Hemp Lip Balm in a monthly subscription box that I paid for myself. It was the first thing I tried as I am always on the lookout for the best lip balm. Even though the packaging is quite simple, the balm is a hard worker. Yet, it is a hard worker that does it naturally. I know you’ll recognize every one of the ingredients.

What makes Hemptopia’s All Natural Beeswax and Hemp Lip Balm is the obvious because of its name: Hemp. Now, before you start to think ‘Hey, hey! I can get high by just licking my lips!’, know that this is so far from the truth. The hemp used in the lip balm does not have THC and, you will not fail a drug test by using it. What you will get is a healthy dose of omega fats. Your body achieves healthy benefits from these omegas as they help soften your skin as well as acting as an anti-inflammatory. This helps keep the turnover of skin cells in an awesome, healthy way.

The hemp seeds used in this product come from industrial hemp farms in the US and Canada. The Departments of Agriculture closely regulate and test all produce from these farmers. All commerical hemp is treated this way.

Right out of the box, as I mentioned, I tried Hemptopia’s Lip Balm and I am beyond pleased with the results. This balm is not sticky or hard. It glides across my lips and they stay moisturized for hours. It has no fragrance or taste. Definitely, I have found my lip balm for all seasons.

Hemptopia sells lots of other products too from bags to clothes to foods. You can get your own hemp lip balm at http://www.hemptopia.com/hemp-body-care/ 

 Hey! I just checked and Hemptopia has this balm on sale for $2.50.

This article first appeared on LibbysPinkVanity.com 

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