Hemp Underwear: The WAMA Underwear Story

Protect your privates with the natural powers of hemp, seriously. The hemp plant is known to be a miracle plant for its many uses and benefits. As a textile, hemp is known to have anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and even anti-odor properties. Hemp fabric is also very breathable which can help discourage against yeast infections and also make it it a very comfortable material to use for clothing. Based on all of these benefits and more it is clear that the best application to use hemp for clothing would be your underwear.

WAMA Underwear is a new hemp apparel startup giving you exactly that by releasing hemp boxer briefs for men and hemp hipsters for women. We are here to make hemp underwear cool and fashionable as your everyday underwear, so that we can bring more awareness to hemp in the fashion world. To do so, we have spent almost two years perfecting our hemp panties and boxer briefs with the best patterns, fit and overall design.

We believe with more purchases of hemp clothing comes more awareness to hemp as a textile option. With more awareness comes more use and with more use comes less pollution and the preservation of nature.

It all starts with us creating sexy cool organic hemp underwear, but now it is your turn to support the hemp movement. By backing our campaign today on kickstarter, you are not only helping bring WAMA Underwear to life; you will be supporting the hemp movement in the fashion world by bringing more awareness to hemp and all of its benefits.


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