Hemp Helps: The American Farmer

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the number of farms in the United States has fallen from about 6.8 million in 1935 to only about 2 million today. Unfortunately, food processing corporations and big seed companies such as Monsanto completely dominate the agriculture industry. Today, there are 10 corporations that control most of the things that Americans eat and drink daily. The industry has become so centralized that American family farmer’s have lost their true essence of providing and supplying for their local communities. Domination of big agribusiness and government has led to less need for family farmers—the backbone of our country. American farmers need a cash crop that can revive the true essence of the American farming industry, while reviving the planet at the same time.

Cultivation of Hemp has the potential to refuel the American farming industry. This organic and sustainable plant can be cultivated to produce biodegradable plastic, paper, textiles, biofuel, hempcrete, clothes, food, medicine, and more! The opportunities are endless for Hemp. From helping reduce the carbon footprint, to soil remediation—Hemp is beneficial for us as humanity, and the planet.
Not only is Hemp a better environmental alternative, but it’s better for the economy as well.

Hemp has a return rate of $250-$300 per acre, compared to wheat’s return rate of $30-$100 per acre. Hemp has the potential to create thousands of jobs. Millions of dollars’ worth of Hemp is imported into the United States each year to fulfill the growing demand for Hemp products. The annual retail sales for Hemp products were estimated at $620 million in 2014. Why not cultivate Hemp in American soil and save millions of dollars on importing this plant? It just makes sense—American farmers need to cultivate Hemp!

Hemp has the power to revive the farming industry, but the only way for this to become reality is to continue to fight for federal legalization. If Hemp were federally legalized and American farmers could grow Hemp on a wide range scale without the regulations of government getting in the way, the local communities and economies would flourish. Hemp cultivation has the ability to put the power back in to the hands of the people and help create sustainable lives for all. We cannot let our future of agriculture and wellness lie in the hands of big, greedy business owners. We need your help to push for federal legalization to cultivate Hemp.

One way to help support this is by sending a Hemp awareness letter to someone in power on the federal level. Here at Hemp Helps we have a created an awareness letter about Hemp that reestablishes the economic benefits of Hemp. With every contribution, we send the awareness letter (printed on Hemp paper and sent in a Hemp envelope) on your behalf to a U.S. politician educating them about Hemp. Our goal is to spread awareness to people in the government and to urge them to support Hemp in their line of work. It is up to us as a people to bring this amazing cash crop to the forefront. It can help reshape lives and create a more sustainable, self-sufficient way of life for the American people, and especially the American family farmer.

American farmers deserve the right to grow and profit from Hemp once more. Help American farmers grow Hemp. Support the American farmer and the Hemp movement by spreading awareness!

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