Hemp Crate Review – Hemp Crate Co. Subscription Box Review

About 70% of the items I use daily were discovered through a subscription box that I ended up falling in love with and purchasing again. When our team received an email from Hemp Crate Co a few months ago offering to send us a box, we were all instantly in agreeance that we wanted to see what this company was all about. We love CBD & hemp, we love subscription boxes; let’s do it!

Hemp Crate Co is a monthly subscription box for hemp and CBD products. Each month they curate products from trusted brands and cultivators of industrial hemp and CBD and include them in their monthly crates. You can choose from 3 unique crates: Health & Wellness, Man’s Best Friend, and Hempa the Explorer and you can further personalize the crate by choosing the starter or pro size.

We asked that they send us whichever box they wanted to, and we are so happy with the result. Hemp Crate Co sent us their Hempa the Explorer Pro Box, which retails for $69.99. The box was shipped and arrived at our office in just two days.

When we opened the box, the first thing we noticed was all of the literature. As an educational site, when we see any sort of educational resources, we are thrilled. They sent us their welcome guide (packed full of great information) and a Green Lotus hemp guide. Under the literature was 7 products. Those included:

  • Green Roads CBD Daily Dose – Pineapple Express Terps
  • Green Roads CBD Tea – Chamomile
  • Two (2) Sample-Sized Hemp Hearts Shelled Hemp Seeds
  • CBDMD Bath Bomb
  • CBDMD 300mg Tincture
  • Koala Bars CBD Chocolate Bar – Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Two (2) Hemp Crate Co Chapsticks – Jasmine Green Tea and Banana Taffy

We weren’t too sure about what to expect from Hemp Crate Co, or what brands would be in the box. We were pleasantly surprised when we saw brands like Green Roads and CBDMD in the box. A big bonus was how delicious the Koala Bars CBD Chocolate Bar was – a new brand that is now on our radar!

Overall, the entire process was great. Hemp Crate Co has fantastic customer service, reputable CBD brands and products in each box, and so many useful educational resources for customers. If you’re looking for a CBD/hemp subscription box, go check out Hemp Crate Co!

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