Hemp Clothing: The Dope T

GREEN is a startup company that was founded by Zach Kramer in January 2017. GREEN’s mission is to spread awareness of the benefits of Hemp by producing quality Hemp products, which is exactly what their “Dope T” helps them achieve.

The Dope T helps illuminate the amazing eco-friendly benefits of Hemp for clothes, which is only a sliver of the thousands of Hemp benefits. Not only is the production of GREEN’s Dope T economically healthy, but it is more environmentally healthy for our planet as well. Fun fact: Hemp uses less electricity and yields more plants than cotton and silk. Not to mention, Hemp uses no pesticides or herbicides throughout production. Extra bonus: The Dope T is made using recycled water and solar power, which is the cherry on top! Who doesn’t want an organic Hemp tee that promotes recycling and creates a healthier planet?

The Dope T is extremely light weight, soft, and super comfortable to wear for any occasion. In case you didn’t know, Hemp gets softer and softer with each wash and wear, even though the Dope T already is super soft, it’s almost impossible to imagine it any softer! Not only will you be super comfortable wearing GREEN’s breathable Dope T, but you will also be doing your part in spreading awareness about the countless benefits of industrial Hemp.

Help support the movement while supporting GREEN’s mission of creating a healthier world. Show your love and support and spread the word about Hemp.

Don’t be scared to show your support for Hemp! Wear this Hemp-made Dope T with dignity and gratification.

Get your Dope T here!

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