Hemp Can Lead us into a Green Industrial Revolution!

The industrial revolutions that came in the 1800s and early 1900s sprang us into a new world. As citizens of first world countries, this is the world we are used to today. With the convenience of all these products and services, we have to ask: does it come with a price? More forests than ever before are being cleared, leading to species of animals and plants becoming extinct or endangered at an extremely rapid pace. Chemicals filling our rivers, garbage filling up landfills and our oceans, carbon emission heating up the planet. You have to imagine that this is taking a toll on our planet, Mother Nature. So, is there a solution for this?

We should give Hemp a chance! One acre of Hemp can produce the same amount of paper as two to four acres of trees. Not only is this paper more durable than timber paper, but it can be recycled more times. Nearly 10% of all agricultural chemicals and 25% of insecticides come from the cotton industry, which ends up in the rivers and streams. Hemp can be grown with much less chemicals, and many times, no chemicals at all. With the current droughts, this super plant makes even more sense. It takes nearly a third of the water that cotton needs for production and growth. The Hemp fiber alone is a superior material. In general, it is three to eight times stronger than cotton, blocks UV rays, and is anti-bacterial. Lastly, how can Hemp help with our garbage problems? With limited research and development it has been processed into a durable bio degradable plastic. However, more must be done in this field. It has been proven that it can be done, and the next step is on a much larger scale.

Hemp can truly clean up nearly all the industries that contribute to most of the environmental problems. We must demand Hemp products! In order for us to see true change, the governments must allow farmers to grow this Revolutionary crop!

Help The Hemp Movement!

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