Hemp Can Dominate the Textile Industry

Hemp has outstanding potential to be a dominating source for textile production. A textile is any material that is manufactured from fibers or yarns. Hemp can be processed into textile through extracting the strong and durable fibers from the Hemp plant.

Hemp clothing is a great alternative to cotton clothing because Hemp is more sustainable and durable than cotton. Cotton uses 16% of the world’s pesticides, while most of the time Hemp can be manufactured without any use of pesticides at all. Hemp is also capable of yielding twice as much fiber than cotton does in the same amount of land. Hemp clothing is also naturally anti-bacterial and resistant to mold and mildew. Although Hemp clothes may seem like it would be rough and not very gentle on the skin, you would be surprised how truly comforting and soft the fabric is! Hemp fabric gets softer the more it’s worn and washed. Hemp clothing sustains itself against repeated washings and never needs dry cleaning. Hemp clothing absorbs and releases perspiration quickly and breathes well, making you feel comfortable and relaxed whether you’re working in the office, or getting a sweat in at the gym.

One of our favorite Hemp companies that takes pride in creating Hemp clothes and taking care of our planet at the same time is Colorado Hemp Clothing.

Colorado Hemp Clothing offers durable, sustainable, stylish Hemp clothing for men and women that can be worn at work or at play. Colorado Hemp Clothing was founded by Cat Stone. Cat’s mission is to design and sell sustainable Hemp clothing in versatile, simple styles that can be worn in work environments, social events, and workouts. Cat is a Hemp advocate and strongly believes that utilizing Hemp in her clothing is one of the small steps that can be taken to improve the sustainability of our planet. Cat founded Colorado Hemp Clothing on four principles:

  1. Creating Hemp clothing for people who want natural, beautiful, comfortable clothing.
  2. Caring deeply about the environment and protecting the planet. Cat believes the use of Hemp fibers to produce goods can help prevent clear-cutting forests that are needed to oxygenate the planet.
  3. Supporting and advocating for American farmers. Growing Hemp in the United States will help America’s farmers and create manufacturing jobs in the creation and production of Hemp-based products.
  4. Because of its many positive attributes: its fast growing cycle, its durable fibers, and the multitude of products that utilize the entire Hemp plant, Cat and her team advocate for Hemp farming to be legalized in the United States.

Cat and her team are true advocates and believers in the power of the Hemp plant. They produce unique and comfortable clothes for everyday uses.

Colorado Hemp Clothing not only offers multiple Hemp tees, but they also offer the option to get your own logo/design printed on their Hemp tees! Simply send them your logo/design and they will print the image on their comfortable, long-lasting hemp t-shirts. This is a great way to help spread your message, especially for a trade show team, service members who interact with the public, or for corporate gifts to your favorite customers! Check out Logo Tees Here.

Hemp has significant benefits for not only our economy, but the environmental sustainability of our planet as well. Go to Colorado Hemp Clothing and help support the Hemp Movement by purchasing some of the best Hemp products that gives life back to our planet!

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