“Harvesting Liberty”: Unveiling Misconceptions About Hemp

For many years, and to this day, Hemp has most commonly been associated with marijuana. Hemp remains on the Schedule I list of the federal Controlled Substances Act for its relation to marijuana—making Hemp guilty through association. Hemp has been oppressed and looked down upon by society due to the misconception that Hemp and marijuana are one in the same. In order to unveil this misconception, Hemp advocates have been battling to spread the truth about Hemp. In doing so, advocates have been protesting to gain Hemp farming rights, which would allow people to produce and grow their own Hemp plants (which can’t get you high)—creating a self-sufficient lifestyle. However, because of its Schedule 1 classification, it is much easier said than done to make Hemp Farming a national norm.

As the struggle continues to gain rights for Hemp farming, Hemp advocates have been spreading knowledge and dispersing the truth about how Hemp can transform, and renovate lives. Not only are there every day grassroots people advocating for Hemp freedom, but there are also larger companies who see the hidden truth of Hemp. One company that is willing to go against the grain to help shed light on this miraculous plant is Patagonia.

Patagonia, Inc. is an American clothing company founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973 that sells and showcases mainly sustainable outdoor clothing. In their efforts to create the best sustainable outdoor clothes, Patagonia found revelation in Hemp. Not only does Patagonia want to expand their company by experimenting with Hemp, but they have taken it a step further and created a short film that sheds light on the benefits of growing Hemp in people’s everyday lives. This short film illuminates the idea that Patagonia truly supports the U.S. Hemp farming revival and also the passage of the Industrial Hemp Act.

The film “Harvesting Liberty” was created and produced by Patagonia employees. This short film is about the return of Hemp to Kentucky and how it can help reshape lives and become a sustainable, self-sufficient way of life. The film features a Kentucky-based farming program (Growing Warriors) designed to train, assist, and equip military veterans with the skills, tools and supplies needed to grow organic produce for their families and communities.

This short film will take you on a 12-minute journey through some of Kentucky’s Hemp farms to show how Hemp can help transform and rebuild people’s lives, and eventually the world as a whole. This film is visually appealing and well produced. It is truly mind opening to witness such an incredible plant be manufactured into sustainable goods.

To watch, please click the following link below.

“Harvesting Liberty”

Share the truth! Spread knowledge to your loved ones and strangers to help end misconceptions about Hemp!

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