Greenz™ Hemp Clothing Review

Hemp is an incredible plant, and it’s easily one of the most useful plants in the world. Hemp is making a true comeback and can be found used to make a variety of commercial and industrial products including rope, textiles, shoes, food, paper, bioplastics, insulation, biofuel, clothing, and so much more.

We’ve reviewed in the past a few different hemp-derived CBD brands and their products – today, we are going to talk about Greenz™. We were approached a while back to review a shirt from Greenz™ and instantly was interested. While we did some independent research, we noticed that this company was created by young entrepreneurs that held themselves and their products to a high standard.

We exchanged emails with Skylar, a founder of Greenz™ and each conversation was informative and professional. He sent us a t-shirt, and we decided that Tyler, one of our employees, would test the shirt out and give his honest review:

I was too excited to receive my Greenz™ hemp/cotton blend t-shirt! I have not had the opportunity to try any sort of hemp clothing, so I was a little nervous. Why? Have you ever felt hemp twine from your local craft store or a hemp backpack at a Faire? Well, I have and it’s super scratchy. Hemp always has a cool look to it, but I couldn’t help to think about those things before receiving it from Skylar (one of Greenz™ founders) in the mail. Let me just tell you how overly happy I was when I opened the envelope and pulled out this beautifully colored, luxuriously soft, grey t-shirt with the very attractive Greenz™ logo on the chest. So soft, so cozy to wear, and super/surprisingly cooling on those hot days! I always heard that hemp got softer the more it was washed and that is no lie. I’ve been wearing my hemp t-shirt, weekly for about 3 months now and it is softer than ever. There is no color fading (I use special detergent for my dark colored items), no odd stretching or shrinking, and the logo on the chest is not peeling off like some traditional screen printed t’s. Thank you so much to the Greenz™ team for being so amazing to work with. I can’t wait to purchase a few more of these!

Greenz™ has also provided us with a coupon code for our Hemp Helps readers. Head over to shop and use code Fresh Greenz for 15% off your order!

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