DARE WE SAY IT? Cannabis- no longer on the DARE anti-drug campaign!

The uphill battle for Cannabis began when the U.S signed the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. Ever since then, people from all over the world have been brainwashed to believe that Cannabis is a dangerous Schedule 1 drug, being compared to Heroin, Ecstasy, and LSD.

Going through the American education system, we knew eventually we would have to participate in the D.A.R.E. Program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education). The DARE program is known for using anti-Cannabis propaganda in order to keep America’s youth away from the potential “gate-way” drug. But now, as time passes on and people are becoming more awakened to the true healing potential of Cannabis, DARE has decided to remove Cannabis from their anti-drug campaign, and ultimately, stop spreading falsities about Cannabis. Matt Agorist of the Free Thought Project stated, “Of course, they didn’t make a press release saying so, but they only quietly removed marijuana from their list of gateway drugs.”

Removing Cannabis from their list of gate-way drugs is one of the many first steps needed in order to end the war on anti-Cannabis propaganda. Instead of spreading lies and misconceptions about Cannabis, it is time to start releasing its fascinating potential to help cure the world. This is a victory for Cannabis and another step forward in the fight to end the violent drug war.

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