Charlotte’s Web Full Strength Tincture vs Relive Everyday 1200mg Tincture
Written by a Hemp Helps staff member

About seven months ago, I began my CBD journey. Like most others, I had no idea where to start when it came to delivery methods, strengths, and brands. A simple Google search for “high-quality CBD oil” left me feeling slightly overwhelmed, but ready to dig in and become more informed before making any rash decisions.

I began researching top brands like Charlotte’s Web and Green Roads; those were two brands that I knew about before starting my very own CBD journey. After some thought, I decided to purchase a bottle of Charlotte’s Web Full Strength CBD Oil in Mint Chocolate. I knew that I wanted to use the oil sublingually because from my research I learned that this is the best delivery method for not only your body but your pockets!

When my bottle arrived, I made the promise to myself that I would give it a genuine chance and do all the things by the book. I took the suggest serving size once in the morning, thirty minutes before I would typically become overly anxious. I recorded what I was feeling in a journal and continued this schedule for about a week. After noticing significant changes in my daily anxiety, I decided to try another dose at night to help get to sleep faster. Within just a week of this new routine, I was feeling overall much better, mentally and physically.

As my bottle began to run low, I started looking into more affordable options that would be similar to the CW oil I had been using. Throughout the first bottle, I began to dive into CBD research, and I felt confident enough to try a different brand. This is how I found Relive Everyday.

I was fascinated by how personalized Relive Everyday’s tincture selection felt. I was able to choose from three levels: 600mg, 1200mg, and 1800mg. Then, I got to choose from three different flavors: Natural, Watermelon, and Refreshing Mint. I decided to purchase RE-LIVE 1200mg Watermelon Hemp CBD Tincture. Making the switch, I saved $10 and was getting more CBD per serving.

Just like I had done with the CW oil, I took my new RE-LIVE tincture morning and night and recorded the results. I noticed very similar results, which to be honest I wasn’t really expecting. I had seen such significant changes with the CW oil that my standards had been set pretty high.

I can understand how foreign it may feel for someone just starting their CBD journey, I was there not that long ago. Take the time to do your research and don’t settle on one brand because they may offer the cheapest products on the market. I started with a more expensive, well-known brand, and ended up falling in love with a smaller brand that has some really high-quality products that I may not have found if not through trial-and-error. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to experience much error before finding the right brand and product for me!

What CBD brand do you currently use?

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