CBD Topical Pain Relief: Simple. Natural. Powerful

The Cannabis industry continues to create innovative Cannabis infused products to assist in healing our bodies. One of the best and fastest acting products that helps aid in relieving muscle and joint pain is through CBD infused balms.

Cannabis topical balms can come as a salve, a cream, or even an oil. They are meant to be applied to the skin and provide localized relief for joint and muscle pain. This pain may be derived from damaged nerve endings, arthritis, inflammation, general soreness, or many other conditions. CBD topicals provide pain relief without creating a sense of being high or stoned (in case you were worried about that).

CBD infused balms work by being absorbed through the skin and binding to our CB2 receptors, which are found throughout our bodies, thanks to our lovely Endocannabinoid system. CBD has a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect on the body once it is encountered with these CB2 receptors. The amazing thing about our bodies is that it increases the number of cannabinoid receptors present in muscle tissues that are injured or inflamed. What better way to heal our torn or inflamed muscles than using CBD balm!? It is a natural and organic alternative to pharmaceutical medications that generally have dangerous side effects, or even worse, take forever to start kicking in! CBD infused balms begin working the instant you rub it on your skin.

Muscle MX is a company founded in Salt Lake City, Utah that has created fast-acting CBD infused balms. Muscle MX has the perfect solution for aches and pains, both pre- and post-workout! Muscle MX provides CBD infused balms to activate/aid in warming up your muscles before a long run, an intense lift, hiking up a deep summit, or whatever your strenuous activity may be. They also provide CBD infused balms for recovery to heal your aching muscles during your yoga/cool down sessions, off days, or whenever you feel like it!

Muscle MX’s 100% organic CBD balm uses high quality ingredients: Cannabidiol Oil (70mg), Arnica Montana Extract, Peppermint Oil, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Vitamin E, Vanilla Oil, Tea Tree Oil. This fast-acting formula provides long lasting pain relief and inflammatory protection for enhanced muscle and joint recovery.

The best part about Muscle MX’s CBD Balm products is not only the immediate relief, but how little you need to apply on your skin to feel it working. One swipe of this awesomeness and you are ready to go! No need to apply multiple layers—you will feel it working immediately and it burns SO GOOD!

Once you apply Muscle MX’s CBD balm you will feel your muscles warming up immediately and you will also get a satisfying Peppermint smell, which is extremely delightful to breathe in during a long, invigorating work out. The Peppermint smell helps circulate breathing and helps maintain focus on your breathing during your workout as well!

CBD infused balm truly does work wonders. Whether you need assistance in getting your muscles warmed up before an activity, or whether you need some pain/muscle relief for any day of the week—there is no better (or quicker) way to heal soreness and inflammation than using Muscle MX’s CBD Balm.

Do your body a favor and start using Muscle MX CBD Balm to heal your aching body!

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