Product Review: Cannuka CBD Nourishing Body Cream & CBD Healing Skin Balm

I used this CBD body cream from Cannuka for about 2 weeks on my more severe patches of eczema and irritated skin in hopes of finding relief, and something to repair my skin and assist in the healing process. This body cream, unfortunately, did not work for my body, which is ok because the CBD skin healing balm really came through- I recommend it to all of my friends.

I was worried when I first tried the balm because it felt a little greasy. But I was very wrong when I started to apply the product. Your skin soaks in all of the ingredients. There was very minimal greasy residue on my hands after applying. The balm gets to work almost immediately! The intense itch that was happening in the dry patches disappeared and I could actually focus on other things happening in my life. The balm dried out the irritated areas, allowing my skin to flake and expose the new skin underneath, thus expediting the healing process. This product will now go with me everywhere.

Thank you Cannuka!

From the HempHelps Staff.

You can find the Nourishing Body Cream here and the CBD Skin Balm here.

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