Cannatera: Cannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract Skincare Product Review

Refresh. Revive. Renew.

When you work in the hemp industry, you begin to incorporate hemp-derived products into every step of your daily routine. This is especially true for all of us here at Hemp Helps; as our team often tests and reviews products so we can inform our readers on which products are worth spending their money on.

We’ve tried so many different hemp/CBD products in the past few months to review, most of which didn’t get the seal of approval from our team, so we’ve been wary on what we try lately. For the past few months, we’ve really been diving into skincare. We tried Cannuka’s line and absolutely loved the products! Last month, we were sent a package from Cannatera: a luxury, phytocannabinoid rich, broad spectrum skincare line.

When it comes to skincare, we are a little more cautious with what products we are trying and make sure we put them through an extensive review process. We had never heard of Cannatera, so the first task at hand was research. What is Cannatera, what’s in the products, and what makes this company and its products different?

Emphasizing the need to bring to market a natural alternative to skin care, Cannatera is formulated with the luxury consumer in mind, who seeks a natural skin care regimen they can feel good about from the seed to their face! Derived from industrial hemp grown in the sun of the Colorado Rockies and watered by pure artesian waters, our origin material is among the richest in total cannabinoids and compounds for the healthiest skin imaginable so that the consumer can put their best face forward! No fillers, no additives, nothing unnatural about it, just pure, clean, natural plant science anyone can feel good about!

After doing some independent research, our team was curious if the product line would live up to the description. Cannatera’s Ageless System is a three-step skincare system that includes a cleansing gel, facial serum, and a facial moisturizer. One member of the Hemp Helps team offered to swap their current skincare products out for a month and use the three-step system.

Cannatera Review

Finding natural skin care products that work well can be sort of complicated, so when I had the chance to try a “luxury, natural skincare system” I was excited. The three-step skincare system has been a total game changer for me.

I began using it only at night, and after a couple of days of absolutely loving it, I started using the cleanser and moisturizer in the mornings as well. I noticed that the cleanser left my skin feeling refreshed and so smooth. I usually have the most issues with cleansers, leaving my skin feeling dull and dry – this was not the case with the REFRESH cleanser. The RENEW moisturizer was another big win and a new staple in my skincare routine. The moisturizer was light and didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. I was worried that the moisturizer would clog my pores, but it didn’t, and instead, it left my skin feeling great.

The only part of the Cannatera system that wasn’t a hit was the REVIVE serum. To me, the serum was sticky, and I didn’t see any changes. On the website, the serum is said to increase cell turnover, resurface the skin, and reduce breakouts while keeping inflammation at bay. I didn’t notice any of those things happening, and when I took the serum out of the lineup, my skin looked and felt so much better. It’s also worth noting that the serum is the most expensive product of the three!

Overall, I am happy that I had the opportunity to try out the Cannatera skincare system. I sort of became spoiled using this luxury skincare because I did fall in love with the cleanser and moisturizer – which is unfortunate because they are more expensive items than what I used before. I’m not sure if I will purchase them again just because of the cost, but I do recommend that if you can afford them to give them a try; your skin will thank you!

What are some CBD skincare items that you want us to try and review? Let us know in the comments!

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