Cannabis & Working Out Go Together Like….

As the fitness life starts to become more of a trend, so does the need for increased energy to keep up with our intense workouts and intense daily routines. Some people turn to pre-workout, ya know—the powder stuff that increases your heart rate and makes you feel like you just slammed 5 cups of coffee. While there are some people willing to increase their heart rates by ingesting immense amounts of caffeine, others are turning to a good ol’ pipe of Mary Jane to get them focused and centered in on their workouts.

If you have ever smoked weed before a workout, then you have probably experienced the intense ability to maintain focus, immediate pain relief, and a sense of euphoria while working out. Smoking cannabis before getting a good pump in or going for a run (whatever your exercise may be) creates the ability to maintain concentration while allowing users to focus and feel every inch of their muscles that are being used. Not only does smoking help maintain focus while working out, but it activates our cannabinoid receptors—creating an even more intense feeling of euphoria.

Allison P Davis of NY Mag states:

“Running, scientists have found, activates our cannabinoid receptors, which regulate pain, mood, appetite, and memory. These are the same receptors that THC binds to when you ingest marijuana. Put another way, running offers the same sort of euphoria, reduced anxiety, and pain relief associated with smoking a nice doobie.”

If running is not your forte (believe me, it is not my favorite and my legs are not made for running) I would suggest smoking a pipe before hopping on the treadmill. Running while being high gives the opportunity to zone in on our body movements—allowing our bodies to synch with our minds. It’s pretty much like running on fluffy clouds or gliding through the air like a medicated unicorn.

Of course, getting stoned before working out is not for everyone, but it has worked wonders for people who may find it difficult to focus and stay in the zone during their workouts.  Unlike the usual stoner stereotypes, smoking weed can still lead to an active and healthy lifestyle with the right motivation.

If you do plan on experimenting smoking cannabis before a workout, here are some recommendations:

  1. Smoke in moderation– Do not get too stoned before the workout. You want to smoke enough that you get the medicinal benefits of smoking, but you do not want to smoke yourself into laziness and not being motivated to get a sweat in.
  2. Bring water- Hydrate yourself. Cotton mouth is very, very real.

All in all, working out stoned truly does have benefits. We hope this article has given you some more information about working out stoned and in the zone.

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