California Hospital May Allow Patients to Use Medical Marijuana

Marine General Hospital in Kentfield, California is possibly going to allow their patients to use medical marijuana inside the hospital. This means that although there is a “no smoking” policy within the building, medical marijuana patients will be able to consume their medicine through other forms of cannabis, such as edibles and other tinctures while they are admitted in the hospital.

The medical marijuana business is most commonly known for being strictly an out-patient basis, meaning that medical marijuana users must go to a separate dispensary and consume it in the privacy of their own homes. Medical marijuana is not traditionally accepted as a form of medicine on an in-patient basis within hospitals. Allowing medical marijuana patients to medicate within the hospital would give physicians and doctors the opportunity to monitor how much medical marijuana is being consumed. Wouldn’t this create a safer environment for the hospitals patients who are prescribed medical marijuana and other pharmaceutical drugs?

Medical marijuana should be allowed in hospitals. There have been thousands of cases proving that cannabis truly is a remarkable medicine that is capable of saving lives. Patients should be able to use their medical marijuana within the confines of a hospital where they have the best oversight.

The debate is currently underway in Kentfield, California. The Marin Healthcare District Board plans to hold a series of public meetings on medical marijuana use in the hospital. The report is expected to reach a decision by June 2017. Until then, we are keeping our fingers crossed for Marine General Hospital and our fellow medical marijuana patients!

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