Hemp Body Care

The Hemp seed is a magnificent life form. It can be eaten for amazing nutrients, processed into biofuel, as well as used on our bodies. While most larger body care corporations utilize chemicals that have proven to be harmful, other companies are using Hemp as a great natural alternative. On a large scale, Hemp is a world-changing crop. One easy and cost-effective way to support the growing Hemp industry is through hemp body care products.

  • The fatty acids in Hemp seed oil make it a superior moisturizing ingredient, helping to repair damaged skin.
  • Hemp seed oil contains omegas 3 & 6, which protect against inflammation and aging factors.
  • Hemp is a natural alternative to chemicals, like petroleum, which is found in products like lotion, shampoo, & soaps.
  • It contains Vitamin D, which is essential for smooth, soft skin.
  • Hemp’s naturally contained fatty acids, vitamins, & minerals are capable of healing rashes, acne, eczema, & dandruff.

Make Hemp Part of Your Every Day with this Hempz Body Lotion!

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