All About that Hemp! Part 1

Currently, thirty-five (35) US states have positive legislation on record for cultivation of Hemp at various stages, from field tests, to actual acreage production. We are celebrating the revival of the re-introduction of Hemp and its many applications into the American culture.  Three major industries stand to make significant gains via the Hemp revival:  textiles, paper, and plastic.  Let’s take a moment to look at these industries individually and how they have the potential to ignite the Hemp revival.


When was the last time you gave serious consideration to the content of fibers used in the clothes you wear daily?  Or even more importantly, how are those fibers created and what are the processes used in their manufacture?  Retail stores, catalogs, websites and many other stores that retail clothes are loaded with clothes and other textiles made from polyester.  Polyester is a fabric made from finely spun plastic treated with several chemicals to achieve the look and feel of the desired fabric.  PLASTIC AND CHEMICALS!  Is that really what you want your skin to be breathing in for nearly 24 hours a day?  Rest assured, there is virtually no scientific data of the effect polyester has on our long-term health and well-being from any source.  The garment lobby will not allow it, but it is something to ponder.  Even the beloved cotton so many people love to wear has its own downfalls.  Cotton requires much more water for harvest than Hemp does. Cotton also uses chemicals for optimum crop yield.  These chemicals needed for cotton production continue to deplete and destruct the soil. Hemp fiber, on the other hand, carries NONE of these burdens.

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