7 States are Changing their Cannabis Laws

It’s official! 7 states have finally passed legal Cannabis in one form or another!

California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada showed their support for recreational marijuana and succeeded! This means that any adult of the age 21 and over can enjoy their marijuana legally and freely in the participating states. Along with these states, Arkansas, Florida, and North Dakota passed ballot initiatives legalizing medical marijuana. Only in Arizona—where medical marijuana is already legal, and which was considering legalizing recreational use—did a new law not pass.

Regardless, this is one huge step for the Cannabis industry! America now has a total of 30 states that has either legal recreational use, or legal medicinal use of marijuana. This current shift of legalizing marijuana stems from the recent recognition that marijuana can save lives due to its enormous health benefits and very little risks.

Now that over 21% of Americans live in a state that allows the legal right to get high for fun, it’s only a matter of time and question of when the rest of the country will follow in their footsteps.

Keep up the good work America. Let’s continue to get this country lifted and medicated!

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