6 Reasons Why Hemp Needs to be the Earth’s Paper Source

Hemp can revolutionize the paper industry. Prior to the 1900s, Hemp paper was widely used. Even Benjamin Franklin used it for his newspaper business.  When “Marihuana” was criminalized in 1937, it took Hemp down with it.  Since then, our main source for paper has been timber.  Producing Hemp for copy paper, boxes, toilet paper, and books, can have a positive impact on deforestation.

Forests hold thousands of species of animals and plants that are becoming endangered due to deforestation. On top of that, trees act as Mother Nature’s “lungs”.

Here are 6 benefits of using Hemp for paper instead of timber:

  1. On average, one acre of Hemp can produce two to four times more paper than one tree.
  2. Hemp matures 90-120 days. For trees, it takes 20 years to mature.
  3. Paper produced from Hemp can be recycled a little over two times more than timber paper.
  4. Paper manufacturing needs many harmful chemicals for bleaching. Hemp can be simply whitened with hydrogen peroxide.
  5. Trees remove emissions out of the air—just like Hemp. Let’s leave the trees standing and grow fields of Hemp like never before!
  6. Hemp paper is superior to timber not only because of sustainability, but also because it is much more durable and lasts many decades longer!
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