6 Fun Facts About Hemp Clothing

Cannabis is widely misunderstood by people regarding its uses. It is true that marijuana, the cannabis species high in THC, can give you a mind-altering effect, but there is another cannabis species with many different uses that we don’t talk about as much.

Industrial hemp, a part of the cannabis family explicitly grown for its high fiber content, is used to produce many useful things. Being low in THC, hemp is used for manufacturing products such as clothing and paper.

Cannabis clothing culture is widely connected to clothing prints with marijuana plants and cannabis-related slogans.

The Chinese cultivated marijuana plants ages ago to manufacture clothing and has resurfaced again with the growing popularity of cannabis culture. Hemp clothing is now readily available online and can be ordered from (mostly) any part of the world.

But what makes hemp clothing different from cotton or similar clothing materials? Hemp has benefits that make it a better alternative than other fibers, and we are guessing you never knew about these facts.


Hemp Clothing Benefits

Porous and Breathable

It is known that cotton is breathable; we prefer it in the summer just because of this quality. But did you know that Hemp fibers are even more porous than cotton fiber, therefore allowing more breathability? This also means that hemp clothing does not take as much time to dry as it is rumored to.

Hemp clothing also tends to become softer with time and washing. Because of this feature, hemp clothing does not create a rough texture as cotton or other materials do after wash. This is because unlike cotton, hemp clothing does not accumulate lint on itself, which is responsible for the rough texture of the clothing.


Hemp clothing is more durable than cotton. The fibers of hemp do not break with washing or wearing; they get softer with time but do not tear up as cotton does. It is for this reason that hemp ropes became widely used during WW2 by the US army!

Hemp fibers are bonded together closer than any other, and it is suitable for anything that needs to be strong and durable. Hemp is widely used to make ropes and clothing due to its durability.


Cannabis clothing is eco-friendly. How? As it happens, growing hemp is far less harmful to the environment as compared to cotton. Cotton cultivation exhausts the soil of the land it is grown on.

Also, cannabis cultivation uses almost 50% less water to be turned into fiber. Cotton takes up a vast part of the world’s agriculture water use and therefore is making a contribution in the already rising water crisis.

If in future time cotton is swapped by hemp, one thing that can be assured is less water usage, and that is a much-needed step.


Hemp farming does not use pesticides. Cannabis farming for hemp fibers does not require the spraying or infesting of pesticide on the crop or in the soil, therefore saving the crop and the soil from the harms.

Cannabis has the potential to grow up without any use of pesticides, which makes it a much better choice on health parameters. Hemp clothing entirely removes the risk of getting in touch with any harmful pesticides or its aftermath.

Zero Toxic Chemicals

It is a wild myth that cannabis is a chemical drug. Cannabis, specifically hemp is far away from toxic chemicals!

Any clothing made from hemp has zero toxic chemicals and is far better than other options available in the market that are covered in chemicals. Cannabis cultivation does not use toxic chemicals to turn into a fiber for clothing. It is more natural or organic clothing and is definitely becoming a choice of thousands.

UV Resistant and Antibacterial

Hemp clothing is the most ethical and revolutionary clothing out there. The fibers of hemp clothing are not only chemical free but also protect you from the harmful UV radiation of the sun. This way it eliminates a considerable risk of skin cancer, and many other effects of exposure to the UV rays. As a bonus point, it also reduces tanning and therefore is an excellent choice for summer days.

This and the porous feature of hemp fabric, make it a fantastic option for sports clothing. Another plus point to the list of benefits of hemp clothing is that Cannabis clothing is antibacterial. It is an excellent addition to this your immunity system as it protects you from the bacteria floating around you in the surroundings. So basically, it is one miraculous shield for your skin from many dangerous, harmful UV radiations and bacteria.

Cannabis clothing is gaining popularity again, with time. Due to its better durability and other features, it is being adopted by many as an alternative to different fabrics.

Cannabis clothing still faces a stigma due to the recreational use of cannabis; people often mistake cannabis leaf clothing as “hemp clothing” even though that isn’t the case. You most likely won’t find hemp clothing on the best online dispensary in Canada. There are also other myths surrounding hemp clothing. However, hemp is not as thick fabric as it is assumed to be by some people, and very comfortable to wear. It also happens to be good even for the most sensitive skin, as it is organic, plant-based and antibacterial.

It will take time, to understand the benefits of Cannabis as both a clothing fiber and its recreational use. But don’t let the misconceptions around the fabric stop you from choosing it, especially not after you know these amazing benefits.

Hemp clothing is not only good for you and your skin but also a great choice for the environment. So drop the chemical-laced clothing items, and go for a more organic and natural fabric to be a part of your wardrobe and your life.


Author Bio:

Jessica has been closely studying the cannabis industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes an interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current marijuana trends, particularly medical cannabis.

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