4 Things to Look for When Picking a Great Bong/Water Pipe

For beginners, choosing your first bong/water pipe can be a bit daunting. This is especially so if you have no one to turn to for advice or ask about which ones to choose. At Herb Tools an employee can provide you with ample descriptions and help in finding the best one, it’s always wise to do some research beforehand.

In this article, we’ll discuss all the basic things you need to look for and other additions that you can include once you’ve found the perfect bong for yourself.

1.  Consider your lung capacity.

How long can you hold your breath for? This is a factor because you would want something that works well for you, something that you’re comfortable with using. A four-foot bong wouldn’t really be enjoyable for a person who is only capable of holding his breath for no more than a few seconds. You should be able to clear the smoke from the bong with ease in one smooth inhale motion.

2.  Brand

The truth is that many of these brand name bongs can offer you consistency when it comes to quality. However, these types of bongs are also on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to price. Should first timers opt for these? The answer depends on personal preference. The thing is, people tend to go through several different types before finding the right one for their needs—so consider that before making a purchase.

3.  Materials.

Glass is considered to be the best and if you’re opting for this then thickness is definitely a consideration. You will find that thin glass walls are always used on the cheap bongs whilst thicker, heavy duty glass will be used for the pricier products. You should also look at how the downstem joins to the water chamber. The highest quality bongs would be what’s referred to as “glass-on-glass,” which means that its downstem does not need a rubber gasket and would instead be fitted tightly into the bong’s main chamber.

4.  Extras.

Keep in mind that the purpose of using a bong is to cool down the smoke first before it enters your lungs. The best bongs will have extras, such as: a diffuser, an ice catcher, and even an extra percolator. These may seem like luxuries, but they really add to the experience. If you get the best ones, they are certainly worth the extra money you spend.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask headshop employees for recommendations. If you’re purchasing stuff online, shoot the owner an email with any questions that you may have. The more knowledgeable you are, the better you will be in choosing the best bong to match with your preferences.

If you are interested in finding bongs for sale online visit: Herb Tools and have a browse through their extensive range of high quality affordable pipes!

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