3 Ways You Can Support the Hemp Industry

Why support the Hemp industry? Well, it just makes sense to.  It’s pretty obvious that consumerism is taking a toll on the overall health of our planet.  From deforestation, to plastic flooding our oceans, to chemicals used in the cotton and fashion industries—these are issues that earth is forced to deal with every single day.  Luckily, Hemp is the ultimate agricultural crop that can truly help relieve these issues that are becoming more detrimental with each passing day.

Hemp is a more sustainable paper source when compared to timber paper.  Hemp can produce 2-4 times more paper per acre than timber.  Timber uses heavy chemicals to whiten the paper, while Hemp can be whitened with hydrogen peroxide.  Hemp overall is a more durable and sustainable paper source than timber.

Plastic waste is becoming more of a problem than ever.  Hemp is proving to be a great source for plastic.  Researches and developers have created Hemp plastic products that can bio-degrade in 18-24 months.  With more money, research, and development, Hemp can be a significant plastic source.

I can safely assume that you are wearing something made from cotton right know. I know—lucky guess.  This white fluffy plant is tough to grow and consumes a lot of fresh water and needs heavy chemicals to be grown and processed.  What’s the alternative?  That’s right, Hemp!  Hemp needs minimum chemicals to be grown, if any at all, and needs a third of the water when compared to cotton.

Hemp is a no brainer when it comes to these three industries, yet corporate and political greed continue to suppress its true growth.


How can we help and support the Hemp industry? It comes down to these three ways:

1.  Support Hemp products.  Use your money as a form of voting.  When you buy Hemp products you are voting for the Hemp industry.  The more demand that is shown for the plant, the more the market will be forced to provide the supply.  This will lead to removing restriction against Hemp farming.
2.  Educate yourself and others about Hemp.  Talk to your friends and loved ones about the super plant.  Educate them on the benefit of the plant and its capabilities.  This can be done both in person and via social media.  Spread Hemp knowledge.
3.  Email and/or call your U.S senators.  Tell them why you think Hemp should be federally legal.  The more people pressuring our government officials for federal Hemp legalization the better.  This has to be done in large numbers.  The Hemp Revolution can be won if we come together and unify as one.


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